What Sets Us Apart












Altech specializes in creating unique bonds with every client for every project simply because each one of is different as the next! Every project deserves a touch of class that sets it apart from the next.







Altech has been known for imbibing architectural styles and design influences from a broad spectrum of preferences and we intend to keep it that way so that we can accommodate all our clients expectations.







Keeping style in mind with an eye on the budget is as essential to Altech as is the existence of perfection. The clients financial horizon is vital for Altech to perform the best.








Altech does not stop at completion; we add value to each one of our projects by meeting up to our clients satisfaction for every requirement from conception to completion and much after that. Business with Altech is a lifetime experience. We always intend to ensure perfection beyond expectation.



The year 1993 dawned upon the formal establishment of Altech Aluminium & Steel W.L.L. Altech's perception has always meant constant evolution in tandem with the upcoming technologies in the field of aluminium-glass architecture. 

Altech earned its due recognition with the flooring of great projects in the state of Qatar. This called for high recommendation on the services provided with well-known consultants in the Middle East to proudly acclaim the quality and well worth of pour service, apart from the projects carried out for the Ministry of the Qatar, and for the major oil companies in Qatar.

Armed with decades of successful operation, the management and technical team modestly holds combined expertise of well above 80 years in the field of aluminum-glass architecture and   undoubtedly guarantees the best of quality in products and services through experience and dedicated performance. 

At Altech, dedication and commitment to our values are complete. We believe that every clients who comes in coalition with Altech returns, with more than an experience, but also with a smile ...

Our Commitment

Altech is committed to providing exellence in design and construction.  We aim at pioneering every step of the way to constant growth through  adaptation  and evolvement with the latest technologies.

Our Clients

Altech holds highest priority for our clients. Our strategy consists of anticipating, perceiving and meeting the expectations of our clients. 

Communication and multi-disciplinary strategies help us maintain our portfolio of clients and contractors who vouch for our performance even at the most complex challenges of architecture.

Our Employees

Altech gives emphasis to the maintenance and enhancement of employee relations. By adapting several HR techniques within Altech, we have generalized focus on the necessity of relationship management in a fast-paced economy. This trait has enabled Altech to build esoteric relationships with our entities. 

Our Team

Altech takes pride in the persistence of our team of leaders who work towards the optimum functioning of the techniques that arm its employees to work with excellence. These techniques enable the employees to harmonize with schedules, work-life imbalances, performance and personality enhancement as well as relationship management, stress management and effective leadership skills. The perceptibility, dedication and service are in synchrony of our management, teamwork and, most of all, the implementation of quality standards.

" Every project deserves a touch of class that sets it apart from the next."